Patient C.A.R.E. has an immediate positive impact on ROI for hospitals and caregivers

Announcing our new Patient C.A.R.E. Billing Module

More than 50% of hospitals today are operating with negative margins. Our Billing module enables the clinician to maximize revenue by keeping logs of every patient event and how much time is spent on patient care! Suggested CPT codes are then selected to be sent for approval saving time and increasing your billing dollars!!!

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Patient C.A.R.E. – Addressing the Current Hospital Challenges

Staffing Shortages/Staff Management

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and higher acuity levels, Administrators are finding it increasingly difficult to staff their hospital units effectively. Nursing ratios of 2-3 high acuity patients per nurse can add to stress and work overload. Mismanagement of staff can result in errors and decreased patient safety.

Clinician Burnout

Hospitals can lose $5-8 million dollars from nurse turnover, burnout and retirement. This results in less seasoned nurses attending to patients at higher acuity levels and may result in decreased patient care.

Data Aggregation & Synthesis

Patient Data from different sources can be difficult to integrate for busy practitioners and reduce efficiency. Generally, capturing data requires practitioners to be on site to implement care plans

Rising Cost of Healthcare

Due to overstaffing, burnout, and retirement, hospitals can see medical errors which can add to patient length of stay (LOS), hospital-acquired infections , and incorrect testing. All of this can increase overall costs for readmission of $10,375 per patient and an increase of 3.3 days of LOS.

The Future Of Remote Monitoring

Improving Patient Care

Can I look back in previous shifts to see any of my patient’s events? →

With Care team notes, you can use the searchable text feature to look up any events in history related to any patient adverse episodes.

Can I look up medications given from admission to see their effectiveness? →

On the Medication List & Analysis feature, any medication administered can be viewed by a specific icon and compared historically against selected patient parameters.


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